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Embracing our local roots, our team of practitioners and nurses brings a personalized touch to healthcare, offering insights into the most effective treatments for your unique needs. Though we may be small in numbers, our commitment to attentive care speaks volumes. Certified, fully licensed, and equipped to address everything from minor viruses to persistent migraines, we deliver specialized care services. Meet our team, listen to our stories, and experience a level of personalized care that goes beyond expectations. We’re not just here to meet your needs; we’re here to exceed them. Join us as we look forward to meeting you, understanding your journey, and contributing to your overall well-being.

Kelli Lewandowski King

Kelli Lewandowski-King, FNP-BC

Kelli Lewandowski-King, APRN is a dedicated Advanced Practice Nurse at Precise Family Care in North Platte, Nebraska. With a passion for providing compassionate and comprehensive healthcare to individuals and families, Kelli brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role. In her role at Precise Family Care, Kelli is known for her patient-centered approach, where she strives to build strong patient-provider relationships based on trust and open communication. She is dedicated to delivering high-quality care that considers not only the physical aspects of health but also the emotional and psychological well-being of her patients.

Kelli’s areas of expertise include preventive care, chronic disease management, and health promotion. She is deeply involved in the North Platte community, actively participating in health education initiatives and community outreach programs aimed at enhancing the overall health and well-being of the local population.

Outside of her professional commitments, Kelli enjoys spending time with her family, exploring the beautiful landscapes of Nebraska, and engaging in volunteer work to give back to her community.

Sheena See

Kelsey Daugherty, PMHNP-BC

Kelsey Daugherty is a board-certified, doctorally prepared, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP-BC) with a deep passion for helping individuals achieve mental well-being. She brings a wealth of knowledge and clinical experience to our team, and her patient-centered approach places the well-being of every individual at the forefront of her practice.

Kelsey specializes in providing comprehensive psychiatric medication management and evidence-based therapy services. Her goal is to empower her patients to regain control of their mental health and lead fulfilling lives. Kelsey believes in a holistic approach to mental health, recognizing that every patient is unique. She collaborates closely with patients, offering individualized treatment plans that encompass both medication management and therapeutic support.

Known for her empathetic and compassionate nature, Kelsey creates a safe and judgment-free space where patients can openly discuss their mental health concerns. She’s committed to fostering a strong patient-provider partnership built on trust and mutual respect. Kelsey is dedicated to staying at the forefront of psychiatric medicine and therapy. She continually expands her knowledge to provide the best possible care, incorporating the latest research and best practices into her patient interactions.

At Precise Family Care, we are thrilled to have Kelsey Daugherty on our team, and we look forward to the positive impact she will make in the lives of our patients. If you or a loved one are seeking psychiatric medication and therapy support, Kelsey is here to help you on your journey to mental wellness.

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